The production & consumption of Green Tea around the world

Green Tea

Green Tea is a delightful beverage which is produced and consumed in the tea gardens of Asia and India, to be enjoyed by tea-drinkers in the UK, in Europe and around the globe. In this piece, we'll explore the production, consumption of Green Tea in the UK, in Europe, and in India, and examine the industry as a whole.

The irresistible allure of Green Tea

Green Tea is a refreshing and healthy alternative to traditional black teas. The demand for green tea has risen steadily in recent years, as health-conscious tea-drinkers appreciate the antioxidants they possess as well as its delicate, nuanced flavour. Green tea consumption in the UK has somewhat been influenced by native Asian communities who’s tea-drinking customs have been introduced to the wider population. 

Due to its climate, the UK has to import Green Tea from countries including China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka. In the UK and Europe, Green tea is widely available in local convenience stores, larger supermarkets, specialty tea shops, and many online retailers. It can also be purchased to drink in many coffee shops and is consumed either hot or cold. Speciality Green Teas incorporate herbs and fruits for a very distinctive flavour.

In the UK many tea brands push organic and ethically sourced teas and the market is a competitive one, and consumers have access to a wide range of green tea options from different regions, catering to various tastes and preferences.

The cultivation of Green Tea

European countries including the U.K, France, Germany, and Italy have attempted green tea cultivation on a small-scale, but due to the climate, it’s unlikely these countries will ever be able to produce tea on a larger that’s big enough to sustain a significant industry for them.

India, which is of course well known for its tea production and culture, has for many years produced traditional black teas. Today India has also become a significant player in the production of green teas. As the popularity of green tea rises globally, India has harnessed its expertise in tea cultivation to produce exceptional quality green teas.

Green Tea Producing Regions of India

Different regions of India produce distinct types of teas, each with its unique flavours and characteristics. These 5 regions are known for producing Green Tea:

  • Himachal Pradesh: The Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is one of the pioneers in green tea production in India.
  • Uttarakhand: The picturesque state of Uttarakhand is known for its organic green tea plantations.
  • Darjeeling: Though Darjeeling is renowned for its black teas, some tea gardens have started producing limited quantities of green teas.
  • Assam: Traditionally known for its robust black teas, Assam has also ventured into green tea production.
  • Nilgiri: In the Southern state of Tamil Nadu, the Nilgiri region has embraced green tea production