The History and Origin of White Tea in the UK

The History and Origin of White Tea in the UK

The history of tea in the UK is long and fascinating, and over the centuries, different varieties of tea have become popular in different parts of the country. One of the most popular types of tea in the UK is white tea. Keep reading to discover the origins and history of white tea in the UK.

What is white tea?

White tea is a type of tea made from the leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant. The tea leaves are harvested while young and covered with fine white hairs. This is where it derives the name "white tea." The leaves and buds are then gently steamed and dried to preserve the flavour and delicate aromas of the tea. White tea is famed for its light, delicate flavour and smooth, almost sweet aftertaste.

History of white tea in the UK

White tea has been enjoyed in the UK for centuries. In fact, the first known varieties of white tea were imported from China to the UK in the early 17th century.

White tea is believed to have originated in the Fujian Province of China. It wasn't until the beginning of the 19th century that white tea became widely available in the UK.

This coincided with the growth of the British Empire and the discovery of new tea varieties from countries like India. White tea quickly became a popular choice amongst tea connoisseurs, and its popularity has endured to this day.

White tea is now widely available in the UK, with many tea companies offering a variety of white tea blends. It is often used as a base for herbal teas such as chamomile or jasmine.

Health benefits of white tea

  • Antioxidant properties: White tea is rich in antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging cells in the body.

  • Cardiovascular benefits: Studies have shown that white tea may help prevent high cholesterol and blood pressure. This keeps your heart healthy.

  • Anticancer Properties: White tea may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, like lung and colon cancer.

  • Boosts skin health: The antioxidants in white tea may also help to promote healthy skin by protecting against damage from UV radiation and reducing the signs of ageing.

  • Improved Digestion: Research shows that white tea may help improve digestion and reduce the risk of issues like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Organic white tea grown in India is among the best in the world, and the UK has been importing it for centuries. This type of tea is highly sought after for its delicate taste and aroma. The tea has very low levels of caffeine and is often enjoyed without milk or sugar.

The UK also imports various other types of Indian tea, such as green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. These teas are all produced using traditional methods, and the UK is well-known for its commitment to fair trade and ethical sourcing of tea.

The importation of Indian white tea to the UK has increased significantly in recent years as more tea lovers have discovered its unique flavour and health benefits. Wellington Teas is a top supplier of organic white tea from India. Contact us to order the quantity you need today.