The finest quality Earl Grey Tea in UK, all the way from India

Earl Grey Tea UK, Earl Grey Tea India

India is renowned for its rich tea-growing heritage and for producing some of the very finest teas in the world, including of course, the world famous Earl Grey tea. The geography and climate of India are perfect for tea cultivation, from the lush tea gardens nestled in the misty hills of Darjeeling, to the vast estates of Assam, India boasts fertile soils, abundant rainfall, and just the right amount of sunshine needed to grow the perfect tea leaves.

Black teas, including Earl Grey Tea from India, possess distinct characteristics that include delicate floral notes, a hint of spice, and a dash of malt, resulting in a perfectly well-balanced cup of Earl Grey. The passion and expertise that producers of Earl Grey Tea from India demonstrate ensure that the quality of Indian-sourced black tea is of a consistently high quality. Highly experienced growers carefully hand-pick each tea leaf, ensuring that for discerning tea drinkers in the UK, a cup of Earl Grey Tea is a truly delightful experience.

The captivating and unmistakable blend of Earl Grey tea derives its unique taste from the aromatic rind of bergamot, a small citrus fruit with a delicate fragrance, which is then infused with fine black tea leaves. With meticulous attention to detail and a continued dedication to excellence, the experience of Indian Earl Grey teas encapsulates its rich heritage and exquisite flavours that only India can offer.

In terms of its heritage, Earl Grey tea actually dates back centuries to Chinese Keemun black tea. This classic blend was enjoyed without milk, allowing the untainted flavour of the tea and of the bergamot oil to shine through.

For the committed tea aficionados of the UK, Earl Grey tea is available in a Lapsang Souchong blend. Boasting a more complex and nuanced blend with a subtle smokiness, Lapsang Souchong is harvested from large-leafed tea cultivars. After plucking, the leaves are then withered and pan-fired to stop the oxidation process. In the final step of Lapsang Souchong’s production is where the magic happens, as the leaves are then carefully laid out over a pinewood fire. The smoke from the pinewood then permeates the tea leaves, imparting a beautifully rich smoky flavour and aroma.

Earl Grey has for some time been associated with the middle class, and that’s because Earl Grey Tea in the UK was traditionally served by the nobility in delicate porcelain cups with silver spoons. The serving of Earl Grey was very ritual in nature and was considered to be the very embodiment of refinement and a discerning taste.

Today, Earl Grey tea continues to captivate and delight tea drinkers the world over. Whether relishing a refreshing cup whilst reading a book, or enjoying a cup with a decadent cake in the company of likeminded friends, Earl Grey Tea is certainly here to stay and for that we can all be thankful!