Sourcing India’s finest Oolong & Assam Teas

Oolong Tea India | Assam Tea India

Indian Tea has been highly prized and revered for centuries, and amongst the vast array of teas on the market: Oolong tea and Assam tea from India are two remarkable brews which both have a great deal to offer the tea-drinking enthusiast! Let’s find out which of the two is best suited to your tastes:

Perfected through the ages: Indian Oolong Tea

  • Indian Oolong tea weds the freshness of green tea with the dark, richness of black tea.

  • Oolong teas are renowned for their diverse flavours, ranging from floral and fruity, to roasted, and nutty.

  • Indian Oolong teas have fabulous aromas, which adds to the tea-drinking experience.

  • Oolong tea is full to the brim with antioxidants, which promotes well-being and a healthy heart.

  • Pairs well with a wide range of dishes, from light salads to sweet desserts.

Oolong tea from India is a beverage that melds together the crispness of green tea with the robustness of black tea. This complex blend is achieved through meticulous processing methods that have been honed and perfected by tea blenders over the centuries. Oolong tea can be traced to the Fujian province of China, but today it is also very successfully cultivated in Taiwan, India and areas of Southeast Asia.

The terroir, altitude, and local climate all hugely influence Oolong tea’s flavour and aroma , but what sets Oolong tea apart from green and black tea is the fact that it undergoes partial oxidation. To be specific, after the tea leaves are plucked they are then withered under the sun, to initiate the oxidation process. This step is crucial, and must be kept in close check to the point at which oxidation is prematurely stopped. The tea leaves are then gently rolled to release their natural essence, followed by another sequence of oxidation. Lastly, the leaves are then delicately roasted.

This intricate method of oxidation and roasting is what imbues Oolong tea from India with its layers of complexity. The level of oxidation can be altered by as much as 10%-70%, and within this range a vast array of different notes and aromas can be achieved.

Highlighting the restorative properties of Assam Tea from India

  • Bold and Brisk: Assam tea from India has a bold and brisk flavour to it, perfect for first thing in the morning.

  • Known for its malty and honeyed taste, with earthy notes, Assam tea is incredibly comforting.

  • The warm and inviting aroma of Assam tea is as satisfying as it is rejuvenating.

  • With a higher caffeine content than many other tea blends, Assam offers a good energy boost.

  • Assam tea works well with milk and sugar, making it ideal for use in traditional Indian chai teas.

Assam tea from India really is your go-to tea for when you need a robust and invigorating cup to kickstart your day. With its strong flavour and higher caffeine content, Assam makes for the quintessential morning cup of tea at the breakfast table. Assam, is a region in the north east of India. With a tropical climate that claims very high rainfall, and fertile plains, it really is the perfect place for growing high quality black teas.

Beyond its bold taste and refreshing aroma, Oolong tea actually boasts a range of health benefits. It contains antioxidants in the form of catechins, which can help combat free radicals in the body, reducing the risk of some chronic diseases. Oolong tea has even been linked to improved metabolism and weight management. Furthermore, Oolong tea is believed to help regulate blood sugar levels too, making it an excellent choice for anyone concerned about the risks of diabetes.