India’s Most Highly Prized Leaves: Silver Tips & Golden Tips Tea

Silver Tips Tea India | Golden Tips Tea India

India’s Silver Tips Teas and Golden Tips Teas are truly extraordinary. With expert skill that’s steeped in tradition and a deep-seated respect for the environment in which they grow. With delicate flavors and  aromas, they make for exceptional brews which mark them apart from many other premium teas.

The Qualities of Silver Tips Tea:

  • Derived from the unopened buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant.

  • Meticulously handpicked to ensure only the finest buds are ever used.

  • A distinctly beautifully-looking tree with silver leaves.

  • Subtle, nuanced flavour with a gentle sweetness to it and some floral undertones.

  • A light, pale liquor which makes for a unique brew.

  • Low levels of manual processing preserves the delicacy of the leaves.

  • Very carefully plucked, withered, oxidised, and then dried.

  • A smooth, reduced-caffeine tea rich in antioxidants.

  • Indicative of India's centuries-old tradition of tea cultivation and craftsmanship.

  • Representative of elegance and sophistication with a refined taste.

Sophistication in every sip

Imagine a tea which exudes elegance and refinement, a brew that is so delicate to taste; you’re imagining Silver Tips Tea. This remarkable tea, also called Silver Needle Tea, is meticulously crafted from the tender, unopened buds of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. Each bud is handpicked with tender care, ensuring that only the finest, silvery-hued leaves make the cut.

What sets Silver Tips Tea apart is not just its stunning appearance – with its downy silver hairs standing proudly on the buds – but also its unparalleled flavour. Delicate and subtle, Silver Tips Tea embodies sweetness, with floral undertones that delight the senses. It’s very light tea which invites every bit as much as it delights. 

The Intricacies of Silver Tips Tea Production

Producing Silver Tips Tea is a complex process which demands equal measures of precision and patience. The buds are plucked typically in early spring, when they are at their most tender and filled with essential oils. The leaves are then meticulously withered to reduce their moisture content. The withered buds are then carefully rolled and left to naturally oxidise. This process is carried out with utmost sensitivity to temperature and humidity, allowing the tea to develop its distinct flavours and aromas. Finally, the leaves are gently dried, ensuring the exquisite taste and fragrance of Silver Tips Tea.

The charm of Golden Tips Tea

  • Crafted from young leaves and buds of select tea bushes.

  • Handpicked with utmost care to ensure the highest quality.

  • Vibrant golden hue that derives from slow oxidation and exposure to heat.

  • Harmonious balance of sweetness with a brisk complexity.

  • Looks visually appealing which adds to the whole tea-drinking experience.

  • Skilfully plucked and processed to ensure the very finest quality leaves.

  • Also high in antioxidants for additional health benefits.

Golden Tips Tea - A gift born of the sun

As the name suggests, Golden Tips Tea radiates a warm and inviting golden hue. Golden Tips Tea is created from the young leaves and buds of select tea bushes, and cultivating them requires a keen understanding of both the tea plant and the environment in which they grow. The plucking process is an art in itself, where only the very best leaves are handpicked to ensure the highest quality. The leaves are subject to minimal oxidation, allowing them to retain their vibrant colour and exquisite taste.

This careful process of oxidation and heat application not only contributes to the tea's appearance, but also plays a key role in how its flavour matures. The result is a tea that’s deliciously sweet and layered.