Indian Assam Tea - Steeped in heritage & tradition

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Assam tea, or Assam black tea, is a very special tea which is grown in the Indian State of Assam. Assam is actually the world's largest producer of tea. This is, in large part, due to the climate of the region which is particularly well suited to growing high quality black teas. With incredibly high rainfall (as much as 30 cm per day), and temperatures in the mid 30’s °C that act much in the same way that a greenhouse acts.

The first commercial tea gardens of Assam were established around two centuries ago and the Indian Assam Tea industry has blossomed ever since that point. If you were to visit the tea gardens (which you actually can, as many of them are open to tourists), you would be witness to vast rows of tea bushes which stretch outwards in every direction. As a point of fact, there is a vibrant tourism industry in Assam that is driven purely by its tea production. Visitors of the tea estates can take expertly guided tours, enjoy tea tasting sessions, and can even take part in the harvesting if they so wish!

As you can imagine, over the two hundred years or so that Indian Assam Tea has been grown, the industry has become fundamental to the prosperity of the population who live in and around the local area, helping to drive up living standards.

Why is Assam Tea so beloved?

Assam tea is celebrated and enjoyed the world over. Its distinctive, robust flavour has led it to become the foundation of many blends of black tea, including English & Irish Breakfast teas. This unique flavour can be directly attributed to the conditions in Assam, with factors such as the soil composition, temperature, rainfall, and elevation all contributing to form a truly unique tea. 

Assam tea has a ‘briskness’ which is derived from its reddish-brown infusion. This gives Indian Assam Tea a highly distinctive appearance. Assam tea is traditionally brewed fairly strong and can be enjoyed either with, or without, milk and sugar, which is why it has found it’s way to the breakfast table of tea-drinkers all over the world. 

The role of Assam Tea in Indian Culture

Beyond its revered taste, Assam tea holds a significant place in Indian culture. In India, tea is not simply a drink that is consumed to remain hydrated. No, tea is an integral part of daily life and is present in many social settings. Assam, being one of the largest tea-producing regions in the country, has contributed immensely towards shaping the tea culture of India and the region's tea estates are not only places of tea production but also cultural hubs for a great number of people.

With its delightful taste and sensory experience, Assam Tea has well and truly established itself a firm position within the culture and heritage of India, and as such, Assam tea is certainly here to stay!